Big business. Chances are, you have probably heard someone either supporting it, or condemning it. There are two major arguments that seem to be going around the social media-sphere. The largest argument for big business is that the economic benefits outweigh any negative effects. Those who do not support big business, point to the human cost.

What are the benefits to big business? In short, the benefits apply to macroeconomics. The megacorps give varieties and cheap prices, thus negating food deserts and low stock at smaller stores. They also can afford to hire more employees.

However, the trade-off is that smaller stores fail, and employees are not paid enough. Not to mention the emotional strain of working in that environment.

I engaged in conversation with someone who was invested in big business and proud. I asked them if they had ever spoken to the workers of the companies they supported. It was a resounding no, and they referred to the fact that homelessness and governmental assistance was the alternative. What they didn’t understand at all, was that is still a problem with underpaid, overworked people, who never see any of the profits they work to support. Except maybe a pizza party.

When will people acknowledge the human cost?

I am 30 years old, new to freelancing and going to school for Journalism and Mass Communications